Whats the 411?

Hello! Meet Jana and Shanelle, the busy little brains behind InHouseWest!

Shanelle is a Melbourne based makeup artist & Jana is based in Perth as a photographer. Though they live in separate cities, they often travel back and forth when they can and keep in touch daily to ensure they keep the creative flow happening.  They also go waaaaay back and have worked together, traveled together and even stood next to each other at the alter as bridesmaid and bride at Jana’s wedding. Since they both tapped into their creative ventures, they haven’t stopped collaborating and creating with each other.

Sorrenti - Jess Winterburn Media

So what is InHouseWest exactly?

InHouseWest is their little love child! They created it with the intention of providing an online platform to share work by creatives, for creatives! They wanted a space where they could inspire each other and spread the love because honestly, they are in love with people who support and uplift each other. There are two parts to the website; The Directory and The Blog! Let’s break it down…

The Directory.

2017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 360

The idea for The Directory came when Jana and Shanelle found that they were constantly asked for recommendations for photographers, hair stylists, and makeup artists etc. As their network expanded they realised they actually had a great list of amazing artists they were so excited to recommend and were handing out email addresses and Instagram handles left to right and center! One night, lying on Jana’s trampoline under the stars with a bottle of wine, the two were chatting about all the wonderfully talented people they had met and worked with so far and how great it was that they were able to recommend an arsenal of artists across the industry to family and friends! That’s when the light bulb came to life; “Hey, what if there was one place where people could go to find all these great people instead of sending people in this direction and that direction” A one-stop shop where people could browse a directory and get to know an artist before they’ve even got in touch!

The Blog.

2017.04.08 - Louisa Wallenburg - 095

As the two brainstormed ideas for the platform, they realised they wanted to offer more than just a directory, they also wanted to showcase work, whether it be portfolios, collaborations, interviews or film! They also wanted to make sure they covered different fields within the creative community, not just photographers and makeup artists, but designers, writers, and videographers as well! Their aim is to share, create and inspire!

They have been working their little behinds off for most of this year to get some solid content together ready to go live in February 2018! The Directory is growing by the day and there have already been some INCREDIBLE submissions so far, so be ready in February when InHouseWest launch their very own website and Instagram!



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