Rituale The Label

Claire is a  freelance hair stylist and makeup artist in her second-year as a fashion design student at South Metro Tafe.
The first piece she created was her gypsy bridal dress as an entry into Telstra Perth Fashion Festivals “Future Runway” competition – and the collection evolved from there.
Claire has always appreciated life’s little rituals and she really believed that everyone needs their own ritual to unwind. For her, that’s a glass of Malbec while she cooks dinner, an essential oil infused bath and a good book, the process it takes to make an authentic chai tea, a hike through the bush with her partner and two dogs in search of new swimming holes or a day allocated to searching through piles of vintage treasures at the markets.
Rituale was created for the lovers of life’s little rituals! 
Claire has always been artistic and creative, even as a young girl drawing clothing. She put off studying fashion for many years though as she was worried about not being taken seriously and jeopardizing her makeup career.
Claire has never been one to follow trends though – so being able to create her own style and design pieces for like-minded people is amazing!

Fashion Label: Rituale The Label

Model: Bianca Tuzée

Photographer: Billie + Peaches

2017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 0152017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 0192017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 0452017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 0622017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 0962017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 1532017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 1862017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 2462017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 2732017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 3602017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 3892017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 3992017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 4192017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 4262017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 4472017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 4682017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 4932017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 5952017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 6302017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 6442017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 6932017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 7712017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 8372017.11.13 - Rituale The Label - 920

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