From Russia with Love.

It was in Artisan Fremantle where the stunning work of Galina Rosanova caught Rob Fischer’s eye. There was more than just Russian influence in her jewelry pieces, there was also hours of work put into these. There was passion in them. They were works of art! One gold piece particularly caught his eye. Then came the price; $40! Two things rushed into his mind. Firstly, whoever was making these pieces wasn’t making much money for the time they were putting into them and secondly, that this gold just had to be photographed against some stunning dark skin. So in teaming up with Nyalong Dau from Sudan (model) and Rumbiie Mudzengi (MUA) this shoot was born. The goal? To take one piece of her work and show just how diverse it was. Because when it comes to fashion, wearing something made with passion is one thing, but when that passionate work is also a piece of art that is found at a bargain price? Well who doesn’t like the sound of that, right?! Not a bad excuse to do a cool photoshoot either…
Hillary’s Marina, Perth, Western Australia.

Credits –

Rob Fischer - IHW -1Rob Fischer - IHW -2Rob Fischer - IHW -3Rob Fischer - IHW -4Rob Fischer - IHW -5Rob Fischer - IHW -6Rob Fischer - IHW -7Rob Fischer - IHW -8Rob Fischer - IHW -9Rob Fischer - IHW -10

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