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In House West is the brainchild of two west coast creatives, Shanelle who is a makeup artist & Jana who is a photographer. They had a dream of bringing together talented and ambitious artists to one place on an online platform.

 A Mecca for photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, videographers and so much more!

The Directory?

They get asked on a regular basis if they know any hair dresses, models, makeup artist and really anyone in the creative field. Then they were forever sending emails, texting, and tagging on social media to share awesome creatives and their work! It just seemed like so much work doing that, trying to track down pages or phone numbers. SO they thought, wouldn’t it just be so much easier if we could just send a link or direct them to a website? Where all the information that you needed is just one click away? BOOM !! In House West came to light!

The Blog?

Not only did they want to be able to share work & creatives details conveniently and with ease, they also wanted to share the work, paid or just kick ass collaborations, homegrown and celebrate these creations within the community. Sure there are heaps of blogs and websites out there with really cool content but we feel it’s predominantly aimed at photographers or models! What about the makeup artists? The videographers? The writers? This is why we have created a blog as well! We want to show the world what awesome homegrown Aussies & the world can create, no matter the field! If you are creative, they wanna know!

They just want to share, create & inspire. 


To get in touch, collaborate, and grow together.
A place for creatives to trust in their own madness. ‘Cause is the let’s be honest; we are all a little crazy!


In House West

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