Moon Lore Magick

Moon Lore Magick is a stylised portrait series that is loosely inspired by mermaid/sea creature folklore and fantasy. Sea Witches focus on the moon, the tides, and weather magicks.
“Bound in human form…fury or favour, you not be knowing, but when the mood strikes her…”

Home Alone

Kiara and I had some banter on IG and then thought we could do a very casual shoot one weekday afternoon with us both free. I had a simple idea of a story of just being “Home Alone”. Kiara sent me some pics of her old apartment at Surry Hills and thought it was perfect for us as it really was being Home Alone.
With help from my Hair and Makeup friend we just spent a few hours doing what girls do, wake up late, have a shower and some Coco Pops for breakfast at 4pm. Then into some clothes to spend the night in the kitchen, painting her nails, having a drink and a dance, then time for going to sleep on the kitchen table..
This to me is as honest and raw as photo stories get, the surroundings and scene shot activities really create a nice story as all of my projects do.

Rituale The Label

Claire is a  freelance hair stylist and makeup artist in her second-year fashion design student at South Metro Tafe.


This shoot was a laid-back portrait session that was loosely inspired by the counter-culture of 90’s photography and fashion. Samantha shares a striking resemblance with iconic 90’s model, James King, now more commonly known as Jaime King, and so we thought we would play with this notion. We channeled some infamous heroin chic and grunge undertones and had lots of fun exploring some moody vibes.


This is a simple story to show the essence of friendship and helping each other get over a relationship ending.

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There’s Red in The Trees

There’s Red in The Trees. Henri is a big fan when it comes to Florals and portraitures in nature. This was shot in Perth, Western Australia in Araluen Botanic Garden. The aim and focus being ‘bringing out the red’ in either contrast to the flora or to work with it. Shot in mid afternoon with the sun still bright and high.