Jess Winterburn Media

Jess Winterburn Media

Growing up, I was, and still am, a very visual person. I always liked fantasy (especially Disney) and had a wild imagination. My Mum always said that I was a flighty thing who existed in her own Disney bubble. It’s only now that I have realized I have carried this wonderment with me into adulthood, and I feel that this is reflective in my work.

Approaching adulthood, I entered University as a film student back in 2011, and graduated from my course years later, a passionate photographer (who also dabbles in video from time to time). For years I had so many visuals that I wanted to bring to life, and eventually found that I could say everything I wanted to say in a single frame. That being said, I take a lot of my inspiration from cinema and often base ideas loosely from my favorite films or characters.

I love to capture people (and fur babies), in their most natural form with a fluid and more organic approach to my photographs, and at the core of everything, I aim to make every subject feel confident and the best version of themselves in front of the camera.

I photograph almost anything and everything, but the work that makes me the most excited is creative one-on-one portrait sessions and filmic inspired editorials.

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